Create Your Own Webinar Package

The Institute for Perception is proud to announce the Create Your Own Webinar Package option! Choose from our complete 2013-2016 webinar offerings to create a collection tailored to your specific interests. Available webinars have been categorized below. The webinar recordings are approximately 75 minutes long and include PDF copies of the slides presented. The more
recordings you choose, the more you save!

Each webinar qualifies for Certified Food Scientist (CFS) recertification contact hours (CH). CFS Certificants may claim 1 CH for their participation in one 75 minute webinar. For more information regarding CFS recertification hours, please visit or email

Sensory Difference Tests
Replicated Preference Testing to Diagnose Consumer Segmentation
Preference without a Significant Sensory Difference? A Solution
An Introduction to Thurstonian Modeling - PART 1
An Introduction to Thurstonian Modeling - PART 2
Advances in Tetrad Testing
Developing Consumer Relevant Action Standards for Sensory Difference Testing
Precision of Measurement in Sensory Difference Testing
Discrimination Testing with Batch-to-Batch Variability
How to Calculate Consumer Relevant Risk using Sensory Difference Tests
Advertising Claims Support
Supporting Count-Based Sensory Advertising Claims
Issues in Supporting “Up-to” Claims
Claiming Equivalence, Unsurpassed, and Superiority Simultaneously
Drivers of Liking® and Landscape Segmentation Analysis®
Mapping Techniques to Link Consumer and Expert Data
Understanding the Consumer: Preference Mapping vs. LSA®
Combinatorial Tools
Hiding in Plain Sight: Finding New Opportunities using Graph Theory
Introduction to Graph Theoretic Tools
eTURF 2.0: A Cutting Edge TURF Solution for Datasets of All Sizes
Large TURF Problems: Finding Custom Solutions
Design Issues in Product Tests and Surveys
The Science of Answering Questions
Developments in Applicability and CATA Scoring
Invention and Innovation
The Create Your Own Webinar Package option pricing is based upon the number of webinars contained within. 1 = $289
2 = $434
3 = $506
4 = $578