IFPrograms® Multivariate Modeling

Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA) is the main analytical technique available in this module.  LSA unfolds complex constructs such as liking and display the results in attractive and highly customizable 2D and 3D maps.  Assuming liking data collected from consumers for a set of products for which descriptive/instrumental measurements are also available, the following information can be provided by LSA:

    •  2D or 3D spaces showing the products and individual consumers locations; in two dimensions, population segmentation can be visually studied using map contours outlining ideal point densities
    • Drivers of liking can be investigated if descriptive and/or analytical information is available, providing valuable insights for the reasons why products are liked or disliked in general or by different groups of consumers
    • Optimal map locations can be identified using the liking or first choice portfolio optimization features

Multivariate modeling is available in the Standard, Enhanced and Professional versions.

Sample output/results windows generated when performing these tests are shown below. For more examples, please see the IFPrograms® User Manual

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