IFPrograms™ Improvements

1. Landscape Segmentation Analysis

a. Improved interaction of LSA contour drawing with Rotate, Refresh, Reflect, and Project maps
b. Fixed updating of scale labels
c. Clarified error reporting
d. Improved backwards compatibility of 3D LSA maps
e. Variance in subject liking scores now computed and used to add resolution to the contour plots in 2D LSA
f. Improved error reporting in Portfolio Optimization
g. Increased Professional LSA Non-Descriptive limits to 50 products and 1000 persons

2. No Preference Testing

a. Correction to NP 1-tailed probability
b. Addition of NP 2-tailed probability

3. Degree of Difference

a. Adjusted default settings

4. General

a. Alpha now rounded to the fifth significant digit
b. User interface simplified and standardized

5. Power Calculation

a. New alpha calculator added
b. FC: Alpha now reports "Power > x"
c. Fixed precision set for FC: Power

6. Multiple 2-AFC

a. Fixed bug with encoding order

7. Graph Theoretic Analysis

a. Simplified user interface
b. Simplified dataset naming

8. Delta Estimation

a. Separated commonly used methods from less commonly used methods