IFPrograms®Discrimination Test Data Analyses

IFPrograms® offers an extensive list of options to analyze data obtained using discrimination testing methodologies.  For traditional protocols such as the tetrad, triangle, duo-trio and 2-AFC protocols, a user-friendly data input window allows the estimation of delta (also called d’), the size of the underlying difference between the products being compared, as well as a statistical test based on the binomial indicating whether this sensory difference is statistically significant.  Multiple analyses can also be conducted using a dataset based input.

Another important feature available is the ability to conduct power analyses, which provide the necessary sample size needed to detect a given sensory difference based on the protocol, alpha and power levels.

Other options include the analysis of replicated measurements through the beta-binomial approach, as well as the estimation of multiple product differences using Torgerson’s method of triads and a d’ test to investigate significant differences among multiple d’ values.

Discrimination testing is available in the Tools, Standard, Enhanced and Professional versions.

Sample output/results windows generated when performing these tests are shown below. For more examples, please see the IFPrograms® User Manual

Delta Estimation


Power: Sample Size Calculator

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