Technical Report: Thurstonian Models for Intensity Ratings

Products and concepts are often evaluated on rating scales to quantify degree of liking, level of purchase interest, intensity of an attribute, degree of difference or level of agreement with a statement. Rating scales are constructed in many different ways, but usually involve options labeled with numbers, words or symbols. In some cases a particular option has a special label, such as “just right” or “same as reference.” Scales may involve labels for every option, such as the words on the 9-point acceptability scale; other scales have labels only at the end points.

This technical report appears as:
Ennis, D. M. (1999). Thurstonian Models for Intensity Ratings. IFPress, 2(3) 2-3.

Download the entire technical report here:
Thurstonian Models for Intensity Ratings

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This technical report also appears in our book, Tools and Applications of Sensory and Consumer Science.