Journal Article: Justifying count-based comparisons (2012)


Count-based comparisons such as “7 out of 10” or “2 to 1” are often used to quantify superior product performance. Because of experimental variability, statistics are needed to ensure confidence in such comparisons. Even so, count-based comparisons commonly appear without any statistical treatment of the data. In this article, we discuss statistics to support these comparisons. Specifically, we identify two different types of count-based comparisons: count-based proportional comparisons and count-based ratio comparisons.We then provide statistics to justify these comparisons before providing significance tables for practitioners.

This article appears as:

Ennis, J.M. and Ennis, D. M. (2012). Justifying count-based comparisons. Journal of Sensory Studies, 27(2), 130-136.

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Justifying count-based comparisons

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