Journal Article: Response to Bi, J. (2007)

Bi (2007) discusses equivalency testing (which he terms similarity testing) in a recent paper in Food Quality and Preference and he relies on theory underlying the ‘‘two one-sided tests’’ (TOST) referencing Westlake (1981) and Schuirmann (1981). Bi’s paper contains a useful bibliography on the topic. Although Bi references Berger and Hsu (1996), which is an extensive review of equivalency testing, he does not bring some problems associated with TOST discussed by those authors to the attention of the reader. Berger and Hsu show that the power of the TOST is lower than several alternative methods that have been proposed.

This article appears as:
Ennis, D. (2008). Response to Bi, J. (2007). Similarity testing using paired comparison method. Food Quality and Preference 18 , 500–507. Food Quality and Preference, 19(3), 344.

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Response to Bi, J.

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