Journal Article: Multivariate analysis in sensory evaluation (1982)

Sensory problems are generally multivariate problems. An important issue with regard to sensory terminology is whether the terms used are all independent of one another, i.e. not measuring some aspect of the same phenomenon. A second very important question in sensory analysis which is difficult to answer without multivariate statistics is the extent to which the meaning of sensory dimensions changes as the stimulus set changes. If panelists have used a particular set of references to help define a selection of sensory terms, it is important to be sure that the sensory properties of an unknown sample do not alter the meaning of these items.

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Ennis, D. M., Boelens, H., Haring, H. and Bowman, P. (1982). Multivariate analysis in sensory evaluation. Food Technology, 36(11), 83-90.

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Multivariate analysis in sensory evaluation

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