Journal Article: Modeling the sweet taste of mixtures (1991)

Perceptions resulting from the simulation of the chemical senses presumably begin with molecular interactions between chemicals and some form of transduction mechanism. This mechanism may involve receptors and specific transducer proteins, such as G proteins. Many mechanisms can be proposed to describe the initial and later events in the chain from chemosensory stimulation to perception, and quantitative models can play a very important role in distinguishing among these possible mechanisms. This article will give an overview of this process to fit data on the sweet taste of mixtures. The development of these models and the data-fitting techniques used have been published by Ennis (1991).

This article appears as:
Ennis, D. M. (1991). Modeling the sweet taste of mixtures. Food Technology, 45(11), 140, 142, 145.

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Modeling the sweet taste of mixtures

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