Journal Article: Foundations of sensory science and a vision for the future (1998)

In his Nobel lecture on the development of the beta-antagonists and antihistamines, Black (1989) emphasized the importance of pharmacokinetic models in providing direction for his research. "Models...are not meant to be descriptions, pathetic descriptions of nature." he said. "They are designated to be accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking about nature."

Science is fundamentally concerned with the development and testing of models. In sensory science, we draw inspiration for models from many fields – mathematics, statistics, physiology, chemical senses, pharmacology, psychology, and chemistry. Black’s remark conveys the sentiment that models do not always represent data exactly, but at least they provide an accurate account of our interpretation of data. They provide a basis for better tests and future experiments.

This article appears as:
Ennis, D. M.(1998). Foundations of sensory science and a vision for the future. Food Technology, 52(7), 78-84, 89.

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Foundations of sensory science and a vision for the future

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