Project Management

The Institute for Perception is a full service market research supplier that can handle all aspects of a project, from design, to data collection to data analysis and results reporting.

Over the years, we have developed and perfected our expertise in all phases, which guarantees your research team with a smooth and as close to flawless execution as possible, through optimal planning and anticipation of potential project-related issues.

Study design

The need to collect the relevant information based on project objectives might seem self-evident but is very often overlooked, resulting in less than satisfactory outcomes and conclusions.  Our involvement from the start of the project discussions ensures the right focus on the design that will optimize the quality of the data collected. This involves the use of proprietary approaches to generating product evaluation rotations, optimal presentation form and evaluation to minimize bias, coherent testing session structuring, and selection of consumers to ensure population representation to  study segmentation.

Data collection

Our routine involvement in clients' data analyses and results interpretation have made us aware of the need for collecting data of optimal quality, without which analytical findings would be very limited or even misleading.  Consequently, we carefully monitor fieldwork to ensure that all instructions are carefully followed and implemented.  We routinely execute projects in multiple locations in the domestic US markets to ensure national representation, and have extensive experience in global projects with investigations conducted in multiple countries in Northern, Central and Southern America, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia.

Analyses, interpretation and reporting

We have extensive experience applying classical and new mathematical and statistical models to experimental data.

Routine analyses include:

  • multiple comparisons
  • multivariate analyses
  • linear and logistic regression
  • time series
  • survival analysis
  • non parametric methods
  • a variety of scaling methods for discrete choice including best-worst and ranking data

New and proprietary techniques include various forms of unfolding of liking and preference including:

  • Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA)
  • probabilistic multidimensional scaling
  • combinatoric tools, including eTURF and graph-theoretic techniques, and techniques for optimizing product portfolios

LSA is a Drivers of Liking® technique that finds products, concepts and individual consumer ideals in a drivers of liking space that can be used as a computer-aided design tool to create new products and reposition existing ones to maximize market share. We summarize project findings usually in the form of a PowerPoint or Word document and also offer presentations of the results at a client’s site if requested.

We will be glad to discuss a potential project with you and provide a corresponding proposal.  Feel free to contact us at (804) 675 2980 or request a proposal here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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