The Institute for Perception has expertise in Statistics, Market Research, The Chemical Senses, Statistical/Mathematical Psychology, Mathematics, and Psychophysics. We consult in all of these areas and can provide design, analyses and unique insights in areas where these domains have applications.

Our clients often call on us for standard statistical consulting.  This consulting includes experimental design, analysis of variance, multiple comparisons, regression, survival analysis, time series, logistic regression, and non parametric methods.

One proprietary technique, called Landscape Segmentation Analysis® (LSA), allows the estimation and intuitive visualization of a market structure in both two and three dimensions, followed by the identification of the products’ underlying Drivers of Liking®.  The use of individual ideal points permits the estimation of ‘perceptual’ market shares for product portfolios and predictions of product performance even with products that were not evaluated in the project’s category appraisal investigation. After we conduct an LSA analysis for our clients, we provide them with a design tool that you can use for future projects. You can evaluate further 'what if' scenarios on your own for potential new product portfolios.

We have developed models for many types of discrete choice scaling. These include first choice, first-last choice, triadic choice, tetradic choice, preferential choice, and same-different judgments. We have also developed models for scaling full and partial rank data and for scaling category ratings.

We will be glad to discuss a potential project with you and provide a corresponding proposal.  Feel free to contact us at (804) 675 2980 or request a proposal here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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