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Journal Article: Mathematical formulation of multivariate Euclidean models for discrimination methods (1987)

Abstract: Multivariate models for the triangular and duo-trio methods are described in this paper. In both cases, the mathematical formulation of Euclidean models for these methods is derived and evaluated for the bivariate case using numerical quadrature. Theoretical results are compared with those obtained using Monte Carlo simulation which is validated by comparison with...

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Journal Article: The integration of the multivariate normal density function for the triangular method (1987)

Abstract: The model involved in the triangular method is presented, which leads to the need for evaluating a multidimensional integral of the multidimensional normal density function over an irregular region. Work done on the numerical evaluation of this integral is discussed. This article appears as: Kapenga, J.A, Mullen, K, de Doncker, E., and Ennis,...

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Journal Article: A multivariate model for discrimination methods (1986)

Abstract: We describe a multivariate model for a certain class of discrimination methods in this paper and discuss a multivariate Euclidean model for a particular method, the triangular method. The methods of interest involve the selection of grouping of stimuli drawn from two stimulus sets on the basis of attributes invoked by the subject....

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Journal Article: Fractional factorials in product development (1985)

Abstract: Response surface designs minimize cost by reducing the number of experimental formulations required to study a particular product characteristic. The response surface designs presented by Mullen and Ennis (1979) worked with a maximum of 5 variables. However, researchers are often faced with the question of how to handle a problem which has a...

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Journal Article: Looking at innovation strategies (1985)

Abstract: For the past two decades, critics have pointed to a decline in innovative spirit in U.S. industry. Many writers have offered evidence which they feel documents this decline; many others have postulated hypothesis in an effort to understand the life cycle of the innovation process and its interaction with other environmental cycles. Several...

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Journal Article: Theoretical aspects of sensory discrimination (1985)

Abstract: Discrimination methods are commonly used in research on the chemical senses. Chemosensory stimulation often leads to multivariate sensations. A multivariate theory for a class of discrimination techniques is described here along with a discussion of the practical implications of the theory to experimenters. One of the most important findings is that the probability...

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Journal Article: The effect of dimensionality on results from the triangular method (1985)

Abstract: Methods to measure differences between complex stimulus sets (such as foods and beverages) are numerous One of the most commonly used procedures in food and beverage sensory research is the triangular method. A comparison of unidimensional and multidimensional normal models for the triangular method using Monte Carlo simulation showed that the expected subject...

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Journal Article: Lemon juice color evaluation: Sensory and instrumental studies (1984)

Abstract: The ability to use the Hunter Citrus Colorimeter d45 for the objective measurement of lemon juice color was studied. The correlation coefficient between 25 panelists’ visual ranking of lemon juice lightness to darkn4ess and colorimeter D45 color scores was 0.98. This paper presents the methods used in preparing the lemon juice sample for...

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Journal Article: Multivariate analysis in sensory evaluation (1982)

Abstract: Sensory problems are generally multivariate problems. An important issue with regard to sensory terminology is whether the terms used are all independent of one another, i.e. not measuring some aspect of the same phenomenon. A second very important question in sensory analysis which is difficult to answer without multivariate statistics is the extent...

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Journal Article: Rotatable designs in product development (1979)

Abstract: One of the most important and interesting aspects of product development is the implementation of techniques which minimize cost by reducing the number of experimental formulations required to study a particular product characteristic. This area of product development is particularly exciting because it is both academically interesting and economically important. It is probably...

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