Journal Article: The role of the basal ganglia in category learning (2006)

Abstract: Categorization is the act of responding differently to objects or events in separate classes or categories. It is a vitally important skill that allows us to approach friend and escape foe, to find food and avoid toxin. Every organism must have some categorization ability. Even bacteria categorize. For example, the bacterium e. coli...

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Journal Article: Sources and influence of perceptual variance: Comment on Dzhafarov’s regular minimality principle (2006)

Abstract: Dzhafarov claims that Regular Minimality (RM) is a fundamental property of ‘‘same–different’’ discrimination probabilities and supports his claim with some empirical evidence. The key feature of RM is that the mapping, h, between two observation areas...

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Journal Article: Empirical dissociations between rule-based and similarity-based categorization (2005)

Abstract: The target article postulates that rule-based and similaritybased categorization are best described by a unitary process. A number of recent empirical dissociations between rule-based and similarity-based categorization severely challenge this view. Collectively, these new results provide strong evidence that these two types of category learning are mediated by separate systems. This article appears...

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Journal Article: FROST: A distributed neurocomputational model of working memory maintenance (2005)

Abstract: Many studies suggest that the sustained activation underlying working memory (WM) maintenance is mediated by a distributed network that includes the prefrontal cortex and other structures (e.g., posterior parietal cortex, thalamus, globus pallidus, and the caudate nucleus). A computational model of WM, called FROST (short for FROntal–Striatal–Thalamic), is proposed in which the representation...

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