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Talk: Product Testing and Claims Support

Presented at the August 2014 IV International Forum of Consumer Protection: Law and Advertisement in Bogotá, Colombia. Colleagues can download the full presentation here: Talk: Product Testing and Claims Support Not a Colleague? Click here to join for free!

Talk: Sensory Discrimination Testing and Consumer Relevance

Presented at the 2014 SenseAsia Symposium in SingEx, Singapore. Difference testing is one of the most commonly available tools for sensory scientists who are studying process and ingredient modifications for cost-saving, supplier replacement, or health-related initiatives. Despite its name, difference…

Talk: Developments in Applicability and CATA Scoring

Presented at the 2013 Pangborn Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Check all that apply (CATA) lists are commonly used in both survey research and sensory science. A related technique, referred to as applicability scoring, requires respondents to respond explicitly…