Tools and Applications of Sensory and Consumer Science

RECOMMENDED by Science Books and Films, American Association for the Advancement of Science, January 2014 issue.

Latest edition includes 5 additional technical reports

64 Technical Report Scenarios Based on Real-life Problems

Now in its seventh printing, this book is a must-have tool for professionals in product testing, consumer research, and advertising claims support. It contains our most significant and useful technical reports from the last 20 years. Readers will easily relate to the problems and solutions in each 2-page scenario. And for deeper study, the reader will find a list of published papers on a variety of related subjects. Visit our page at Google Books to look inside and read a sample.

Drs. Daniel Ennis, Benoît Rousseau and John Ennis use their combined expertise to guide readers through problems in areas such as:

  • Drivers of Liking®
  • Landscape Segmentation Analysis®
  • Ratings & Rankings
  • Claims Support
  • Probabilistic Multidimensional Scaling
  • Combinatorial Tools
  • Difference Tests
  • Optimizing Product Portfolios
  • Designing Tests & Surveys

Also included are 27 tables for product testing methods so the reader can interpret results from

discrimination methodologies such as the tetrad test, triangle test, same-different method, duo-trio test, replicated testing, and others.

198 pages, $95, plus shipping and 5.3% VA sales tax, where applicable.

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Publication Reviews Excerpt from the January 2014 review in Science Books and Films by Donald. E. Myers University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Rating: Recommended by SB&F (The material contains no serious errors or deficiencies, and the reviewer thought the content and presentation were above average.)

It is organized around seven "themes" which are Difference Tests, Rating and Ranking Methods, Claims Support, Drivers of Liking® and LSA, Portfolio Optimization, Probabilistic Multidimensional Scaling and Combinatorial Tools…Each scenario introduces and describes an application pertaining to foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, air care, packaging, fragrances and energy bars among others…Thurstonian scaling is discussed and used in most of the scenarios and most of the subsequent themes... There are examples to find motivations for product consumption, latent ideals or groups of consumers who agree on what they like. LSA has been found useful to separate product and branding effects.

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