Thurstonian Models: Categorical Decision Making in the Presence of Noise

Is it possible to develop a unifying theoretical framework for behavioral disciplines? Categorical decision making arises in numerous disciplines such as economics, psychology, political science, sensory and consumer science, marketing, and survey research. This book will provide you with a comprehensive account of the derivation of Thurstonian models for a wide variety of behavioral tasks including preferential choice, ratings, triads, tetrads, dual pair, same-different and degree of difference, ranks, first-last choice, and applicability scoring. Visit our page at Google Books to look inside and read a sample.

Dr. Daniel Ennis presents the derivation of an interconnected theoretical structure based on Thurstonian ideas that link behavioral tasks together. This book is an essential reference for senior undergraduates and graduate students, academics and industrial professionals whose work and scientific curiosity lead them to consider how the outcome of choice tasks can be modeled.

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