Readings in Advertising Claims Substantiation

Eight chapters exploring three topics crucial to making defensible claims

Among the important topics in supporting advertising claims, there are three that have needed attention for the last decade. These three topics are testing for equivalence, testing for multiplicative claims, and accounting for no preference/difference in product testing. After reading this book, practitioners will have a reliable basis for making defensible and truthful advertising claims that can be backed up by competent science. Visit our page at Google Books to look inside and read a sample.

Dr. Daniel Ennis and Dr. John Ennis use their combined expertise to guide readers to develop a technical background in the three areas that support advertising claims substantiation. If you are involved in providing technical support for claims, or refuting those of your competitors, you will need to know what is in this book.

94 pages, $95, plus shipping and 5.3% VA sales tax, where applicable.

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