A premier educational development package
designed to enhance and expand the knowledge base
of sensory and consumer science professionals

Through on-site training, webinars, external courses, and access to self-study materials, the members of your team will benefit from the Institute for Perception’s decades of experience working on product testing theory and applications for consumer products. This professional development package combines on-site training with off-site learning, access to publications and books on topics of interest to sensory and consumer scientists, and the combined knowledge and experience of Dr. Daniel M. Ennis and Dr. Benoît Rousseau.

Annual Academy fee includes:

  • On-site training: One three-day internal course per year
    • Customizable training to address your organization’s needs and expectations
    • Interaction with instructors through open discussions involving potential confidential data and topics
    • Allows multiple employees to attend the instruction simultaneously
  • Off-site training: Unlimited 50% discount for any employee to attend any Institute for Perception course in the USA, Europe, Asia, or South America
    • For more information on our course offerings, see our list of available upcoming courses
  • Online Training Webinar Series: Unlimited live participation and recordings open to all employees
    • 75 minute webinars on areas of interest for sensory and consumer scientists
    • Any employee can access the recordings at any time
    • All of our webinars are intended for a general audience of sensory professionals
    • Access includes all past webinars and upcoming webinars
  • Literature Library
    • Participation in the Institute for Perception Colleague program for all employees, which includes access to reprints of journal articles and technical reports
    • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter which includes a new technical report in each issue
    • A complete set of three of our books for up to twenty employees (maximum of up to 60 books, shipping included)

For more information on this program, please download The Institute for Perception Academy brochure.