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The Institute for Perception is a full service research consulting firm specializing in premium quality services including identification of project objectives, experimental design, study execution, data collection, data analysis and modeling using traditional and advanced techniques. We have particular expertise in advertising claims support and in providing statistical analysis services. What makes us unique is the emphasis we place on the development of new techniques and models to understand human perception and to apply them to practical problems in sensory and consumer research.

We also offer courses to train our clients in traditional and new methodologies and provide access to IFPrograms™, a software suite with advanced analytical capabilities.

For more information about our original research, please visit our publications and presentations sections.

We offer expertise in a variety of areas:
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 We'd be happy to discuss how we can best help you and your company. Please contact us by phone at (804) 675-2980, by email, or request a proposal and we will respond promptly.

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Discrimination Testing with Batch-to-Batch Variability


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